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Day 8 - Back on the road

Melbourne to Dubbo

sunny 40 °C

Just arrived in Dubbo after driving all day...bloody hot today! Glad we didnt leave Melbourne yesterday though, cause that was unberable. Good day of driving today, no dramas...just straight through...stopped maybe 4 times...petrol, food and pee stops...Shane got to see the Murray again, which was exciting for him, pitty we didnt have the time to stay there for the night so Shane can do some fishing, but gotta get to Mackay quickly for this job Shane has lined up...So we sleeping the night in Dubbo, leaving early in the morning for another day full of driving, we will be hitting QLD tomorrow, which is exciting...but sad that the trip is coming to an end, a little bit sick of driving, but it's been fun. We've seen some beautiful things in our country...towns that are old and beautiful, rivers, lakes, farms, the big galah, the big strawberry (that was soooo cute)...and just the greeness through Vic and NSW...you appreciate the green when you come from a state that is brown and red ha ha ha.

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Day 6 - Resting

In Melbourne

sunny 33 °C

So we finally arrived in Melbourne last night...And after driving around for about an hour, trying to find mums house, because she wasnt answering her phone...so we even had to call mum in Perth to have a look on google maps to tell us where to go...Then we found some guys around the area that i knew where mum was living, so we asked them if they knew where mums street was, Luckily they did...So we got to mums house, and guess what, she was asleep. She thought it was funny, i was pissed off at first. LOL

So now we get to rest for a day...No driving YAY!!

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Day 5 - On the road

Hills, Hills, Hills and more Hills

sunny 40 °C

The hills coming out of Adelaide are insane, but the scenery OMG...Breath taking, especialy driving right between 2 cliffs, make's you feel alive. The car's transmission NO LIKE it though. Over heated again, like going up darling ranges. So we are on Princess Hwy, Melbourne bound. We will make it there by about 9pm i think. It's a beautiful day, hot and sunny. The down fall to these hills are you ears hurt, every now and again they pop and everything is super loud. Like when in an aeroplane. I have a few more pictures that we have taken along the way, and i will post them tomorrow sometime. So the plan is to leave Melbourne monday morning, then make it to Airlie beach in 2 days. Then the job hunting begins. Still keeping fingers crossed about the job that Shane heard back from before we left.

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Day 5

Getting there!

sunny 35 °C

Well we are nearly in Adelaide. Stayed in Port Augusta last night as the roo's were really bad on the road last night. Seen some really big one's. Didn't really feel like running one of them over ha ha. So what can you say about Port Augusta...It's stinks. That Port is really bad, woke up to the smell, it was making us sick. One place i could do with no visiting again. I dont ever remember it being that bad, but last night and this morning...gross. So were not stopping anywhere today, only to fuel up, gotta make Melbourne before new years....I dont care if it's 1 minute to 12 but we are going to make it...HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE...Have fun, be safe and get really drunk!! See you all in 2012...

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Day 4

Nullabor done and dusted

sunny 40 °C

Well we have finished the Nullabor thank god that's over. We are just heading out of Ceduna. Been through the Quarentine, thought they would have checked a little thorough than they did, he only opened both fridges and away we went. Nothing exciting much today, As not much happens on the Nullabor, so we just heading to Port Augusta, then down to Adelaide, where we will stay the night. Havn't seen anymore animals today, which was a bit dissapointing, and poor Shane wanted to see some snakes, and not even they were out. It's been stinking hot though, at one point it got that hot, which i'm sure must have been mid 40's that we had to put the windows up and turn the aircon on. Shane was asleep for most of the day today, so ive done all the driving, like yesterday, but when we got into Ceduna i started feeling a bit tired, so now it's Shane's turn...Will post again soon to let everyone know we are in Port Augusta.

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