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Day 3

Good Bye W.A

sunny 14 °C

What a day! We have just gotten into S.A. We are staying at the state border road house. We got in at about 10pm S.A time. And i tell ya what, it's a bit cold ha ha...

So we left Esperance at about 7.30 this morning. Headed up to Norseman. We fueled up there, then hit Eyre Hwy. We stopped at most road houses along the way, and just kept topping up with fuel, easier to top up then have to fill right up.

Highlite of the day, we got to over take 2 cars, and I ran over 2 rabbits and 2 field mice. Mean?? unavoidable i will call it. Luckily it wasnt a roo. But we did see some other animals...4 emu's (the first two was a mumma emu with her baby, walking side by side, it was so cute) 6 roo's, 2 eagles, rabbit's, mice, bats, 2 sheep, but that's not including all the dead animals on the side of the road.

So the trip is taking a little longer than we first expected, but the pajero is doing all it can (a mighty fine effort i might add) towing the caravan. And not mention the drama's we had on the first day. So we aren't doing too bad. A bit of a shame though, don't think we gonna make it to my mum's for new years. We'll just have to see how we go i think!

P.S. After writing this then going to put the date in I just realised that it is the 29th...We will make it to mum's by new years after all...i thought i was the 30th...Oh I am Sooo excited...What a bonus!! What a dick!! Ha Ha!!

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Day 2!! Camping!!

Bed time

all seasons in one day 16 °C

Oh my god, Esperance is beautiful. Just went to the pier tavern. Beautiful cheap pub meals. Great staff, great atmosphere. What more could you ask for...oh i know, they had a salad and vegies bar, all you can eat...Yum! If we ever decide to come back to WA i recon i live here, it's really nice. Locals are even helpful, like we went to one pub and it was a real dive, just for the locals this one was, real dark and dingey...and the menu was a little bizzare so i said to Shane lets see what else is around. So we were driving around the town trying to find something else but was getting a little lost..so i pulled into a parking bay, to read the town map that we were given, and was trying to find where all the tavern's were located...Mean while Shane started talking to a guy that was parked near us, and asked him if he was a local, which he was, well not only did we find out where the taverns where, who had the cheapest and nicest meals, but we basicaly got a tour of the town without having to go anywhere...So we now know where everything in town is, just havnt seen it all yet ha ha ha.

So right now we are camping at the Esperance showgrounds. We tryed getting into the caravan park that we were booked into last night, but they are fully booked out as is every other caravan park, motel, hotel and apartments in Esperance. So all these place's that cant fit you in send you here, it's got all you need, shower's, toilet, BBQ facilities, powered sites, it cost you $27 a night, which is cheaper than the caravan parks as they are charging high peak prices at the moment. I would say there is about 80 - 100 of us camping here, there was only about 50 when we got here, but they just keep coming in...

Shane is at the jetty, and im here by myself in the caravan, i was suppose to go with him, but it's sooooo cold here at the moment and really windy, so he said it was alright if i didnt want to go, and at the chance to not go i grabbed it...me and the cold dont mix, and the wind goes right through you, Shane on the other hand has an internal heater, im sure of it. LOL.

6 am start tomorrow, laptop is fully charged, so i'll be sure to post some time during the day tomorrow to tell you all how we are getting along, hopefully knock the nullarbour on the head and get that over and done with! No more messing about now, we've had enough fun with drama's for the rest of the trip...ha ha ha...All part of the fun though!

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Day 2!! They always come in three's!!


sunny 24 °C

WoW...What a night and day today...So last night at about 8pm tyre on the caravan blew out 40 km's before Ravensthorpe. Funny acctually because I was driving after Shane driving all day, and i had only been driving for about 20 mins when it happened, So Shane is telling everyone "fucking woman drivers" LOL...Then when Shane went to put the spare on that blew...fucking brilliant...So we camped on the side of the road in the car...Shane being able to sleep anywhere fell asleep, but i couldnt sleep sitting up, so at about 2 am i said to Shane, you recon it's safe enough to sleep in the caravan (it was on the jack and Shane didnt think it would be wise to sleep in it as the jack isnt really good at the best of times), which it was, so all that time wasted in the car for nothing ha ha.

So at about 8.30 am this morning, i left Shane with the caravan on the side of the road and drove into Ravensthorpe, when i got into town it was about 8.40 or something like that, and i was sitting outside the ONLY tyre and service place in Ravensthorpe, at about 9am i thought "fuck surely someone should be here by now" so i went and looked inside to find the most tiniest of notes on the door saying CLOSED FROM 24TH OF DEC TIL 3RD OF JAN. I thought Great, what now...so i drove up to the first petrol station and asked them if there was anywhere else, she had no idea what was in Ravensthorpe (backpacker). Drove to the second one, she had no idea (another back packer), I went to the information center, not open until 9.30am, so im thinking fuck i have to drive all the way to Hopetoun, and Shane thinks im gonna be 1 and a half hours...not like 3 hours ha ha...Then in the corner of my eye i catch the boys from case agricultre out the back of their workshop...so i went in there and asked the boys if they knew where i could go, one of them asked me if they both were fucked or could one be fixed, i said well the spare only went down, while the other is ripped to the shit house. So he got it out of the car for me, and the angel fixed it...I tell you what, One carton of Carlton Dry i will never complain about buying, those guys most deff got us out of the shit. LIFE SAVERS.

So this was number 3 of things that had happened...first was the transmission slightly over heating, second was the spot light falling off...So we've had our 3, by rights it should be smooth sailing the rest of the trip...Right?? LOL

So the tyre thankfully has now got us to Esperance and replace by beaurepairs. We have decided to stay the night in esperance as we didnt get much sleep last night, and we pretty buggered...I tell ya what, we just had a shower, and after not having one last night after a long drive...BEST shower i've ever had. We both smelt like a couple of Abo's. So after dinner we are going to go for a fish off the jetty here, as Shane wants to have one last fish in WA before we leave it, and according to the guy at Esperance bait and tackle, you can catch some pretty big salmon and herring off the jetty...So let's see what we can get hey!

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Day 1 - On the road!!

Funny story Number 1

sunny 22 °C

Was just at Lake Grace road house to get some credit on the phone to call both mums when we need to...So Shane's talking to his mum to let her know what time we will be getting into esperance. A truck drives past, and gets on the 2way as ask's if we were there, so Shane gets on to let him know that yes we were on channel, So the truckie says "Overload vehicle coming about 5 mins back"...So Shane reply's "Ok thanks, sorry mate"...Truckie abit confused as to why Shane should be sorry replies "Nah no worries mate, dont be sorry, just letting ya know he's coming" PMSL...Now to Shane's defence this guy was hard to understand, and i think i could only understand cause i was in the back seat looking for food...But still one of those moments that if you were in the car with us, you would have pissed ya pants laughing...Truckie must have been thinking "what the fuck is he sorry for?" LOL!! One more thing i think i forgot to mention in our last blog, Shane got a phone call before we left Perth about a job i applied for him via the internet, locomotive fitter, He can't promise that the job will still be there when we arrive as he needs someone urgent, but if it is still available the job is Shane's....So fingers crossed everyone!! This so far is looking like we made the right move!! let's hope things stay looking up! :)

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Day 1 - On the road!!

Perth to Esperance!!

sunny 35 °C

Ok so it's 4.13pm and we are not in Esperance as yet, infact we still have 470kms to go. We scrapped Albany off the list because we were suppose to get to Esperance by 7pm (Not gonna happen) We wont get there until around 9pm tonight. So hopefuly either the caravan park owner meets us there after hours to let us in, other wise (thanks to Corinn and mum) camps 6 book have given us a few ideas for national parks. Our ownly problem is, Xmas holidays, Booked out, but it's all good as it's all part of the fun...Even if we go eat at the road house and ask them if it's alright if we have a couple of hours rest there and leave at the time they want us to leave...So the drive so far has been awsome...Cpl of small hiccups, transmission fluid over heated once, but luckily we have a mechanic on board, mind you all he had to do was open the bonnet and let it cool down, No problems with that so far again, just didnt like going up the darling ranges i think but something that needs to be checked when we get into esperance. One other thing the spotlight came off the front of the car and went under the car. Luckily we were stopping at threesome tavern and roadhouse for something to eat, other wise we would have spent awhile looking for it, It's all good though it's still in tact, just the globe smashed, though bloody spotties though they didnt crack!! Oh and we lost the blue light force cover off it ( that smashed into a million peices) But like i said before, it's all part of the fun, memories and stories to tell, and these are things that can be replaced....update later when in Esperance and lets see how tonights camping adventures pan out....LOVE YOU ALL!!

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