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Day 1

Still getting Ready!!

sunny 21 °C

Ok, so it's 7.30 am and we almost ready to go...Shane is just double checking over the car, changing the oil and topping up the water!! As you can see from the picture i will upload he's left his mother a little bit of a mess before we go! Now we just have to wait for supacheap to open (shane needs a bigger socket) so that we can put the sway bars on the caravan...So we will be on the road by 10am THE LATEST!! First destination will be Albany...Havnt seen Albany before so really excited about that (thank god it's not winter though).

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Getting Ready

planning, planning, planning!!!

sunny 33 °C

Here we are camping outside mum's house waiting for tomorrow morning when we set off for an adventure that is going to have us see some of the most amazing places in Australia. They say you should always see your own backyard before you travel someone else's, so that's what we are doing before the kids come along. So we are travelling from Western Austalia to QLD (Airlie Beach) going through Melbourne on the way to see my mum. We have a little bit more packing to do tonight then we should be all set and ready to go. We had a few little hickups with the car, but Shane being the most brilliant mechanic there is has fixed our little beast for our trip. We will keep you all updated day to day, with blogs and picture's, letting you know what we have seen, and where we are staying the night!

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